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2018 Bat Rules

10/27/2017, 4:15pm CDT
By Admin

Youth baseball has decided to adopt new bat standards for 2018. The new bats with have a USA stamp on them. 

With Albert Lea Baseball, we play in leagues and tournaments that follow the guidelines of 3 different youth organizations: MBT, MSF, and Gopher State. MBT is the only organization that will be enforcing the new bat standards in 2018. MSF and Gopher more than likely will be enforcing them in 2019. 

So what does this mean for Albert Lea youth teams? Any team playing in a MBT Tournament will need to have a new USA stamped bat. The board has decided to furnish each team with a new USA bat. All of our teams will be playing in our home tournaments, which has the potential of being a MBT Tournament. 

Any team playing in a South Central league game, or a MSF or Gopher tournament should be allowed to use any bat that they used last year. We have not received conformation from the director of the South Central League yet, but in the past, they have followed MSF guidelines. 

Here is a link to a website that lists approved bats. It also has a FAQ section so you can learn more about what the new standard means.

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