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2021 Winter Registration

11/05/2019, 9:45am CST
By Admin

Winter Registration for the 2021 Summer Baseball season will be held on January 26th and January 27th.

At this time you will pay the player fees and any other payments can be made at this time as well.  It is very important that you make it to one of these sessions. Location is to be determined...

 At registration, your son will try on hats, jerseys, and pants. It is very important that your son tries everything on. The boys are growing and each year uniforms may fit differently.   

When you arrive at registration, please find your coach or representative for your son’s team. They will have a uniform order form that you will need to fill out and turn in after your son is done trying everything on. They will also have Code of Conduct forms for parents and players to sign.  

2021 FEES: 

9-10A:         $125
11-15A:       $150
9-11AA:       $175
12-15AA:     $200
*Jersey, hat, pants, socks, & belt included

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